Today early morning at around 6 am, while playing badminton with a 12th standard student by named “Keerthan” ( my neighbour ), he asked me a very interesting question. I felt that, the conversation is worth sharing. The conversation was in Kannada, which I have translated into English.

[Keerthan]: Brother, I have a very important question for you !

[Subhash]: Please don’t ask me any question out of your 12th std Mathematics or Physics or Chemistry or any other subjects. I might not be able to help you now. I have almost forgot many things.

[Keerthan]: Brother, Don’t worry, I am not mad to ask you questions. I have been attending coaching classes for that by paying huge fees. I myself don’t remember what my teacher taught yesterday, and how can I expect you to answer after so many years. So don’t worry about it.

[Subhash]: LOL ! Super ! ( Today’s Kids rocks ). Then, what you wanted to ask me ?

[Keerthan]: I have one doubt. I am a great fan of Richard Branson( Founder of Virgin Group). I always wish to be like him. But, will I be able to make it in life ? I am born in a very middle-class family with both mother and father working. I feel, it is very difficult for me to even think of starting something on my own. Whenever I talk about this, my parents starts talking about getting job, being secured and bring-in fear into me. What is your opinion ? Does a normal person like me become extra-ordinary person in life like Richard Branson ?

[Subhash]: Do you know what is the difference between “Animals” and “Human Beings”

[Keerthan]: Both are living beings.

[Subhash]: Yes. I know that. But, do you know the difference.

[Keerthan]: They don’t talk. Human beings talk. They don’t understand anything. We understand things. We can make sense of what is good or bad, but, Animals cannot.

[Subhash]: On top of everything there is one very important difference. Animals are born with nature and die with nature as they were born. That might be a curse on them. But, “Human Beings” are the only creatures who are born along with nature and also bestowed with the ability to die as an extra-ordinary beings. You might be poor, but yes, you need not die poor. You might be born to an illiterate parents, but yes, you can die being a scholar. You might be born to a govt. employee, but yes, you have all the gift from god to die being an industrialist. You have all the powers and blessings from god to bring in a revolution to this county and world. This is the biggest gift that god has bestowed on Human Beings that animals do not have.

[Keerthan]: Yes. I think you are somewhat right.

[Subhash]: Firstly, stop limiting your thoughts. Expand your horizons. Start dreaming big, big and big. As some great person has told “What your mind can conceive, you can definitely achieve”. Day, night, afternoon, every minute, every second think of your goals and automatically you can see, things starts working from your side.

This conversation is not just for Keerthan, but, for all young buddies here, “You have only one life, make it more meaningful and extraordinary. Everybody are blessed with unique characters and identities. Go win the world”.

Any comments are mostly welcome ! If I am wrong somewhere you are absolutely free to correct me through your comments.




Subhash.K.U, Principal Mentor, Subhash Programming Classes, Bangalore.